Direct thermal labels on roll with 3 inch core for individual printing on direct thermal label printers. These economical direct thermal labels are printed on without ribbon. They consist of white, woodfree paper and can be used for inexpensive, universal labeling with short-term length of application, low contamination load and smaller requirements regarding stability.

The labels are approved for direct contact with dry, non-fatty foodstuffs. Typical application include barcodes as well as packing labels or for industrial purposes such as storage and logistics. Due to the stiffness of the material, these label rolls are perfectly suited for the use with automatic label dispensers. The thermal labels consist of three layers: the top layer is made of thermo-sensitive, chemically reactive coating; underneath this, there is a primer which not only provides high resolution and excellent print quality, nut also the thermal properties of the thermal coating. The bottom layer is the paper itself. Suitable for all thermal printers up to 10”/sec (250mm/s).

Material: direct thermal paper labels
Color: white with super-sensitive thermal coating
Thickness film: 71µm ± 5 µm (ISO534)
Adhesive: permanent pressure senstitive acrylic adhesive
Adhesive power: 700 N/m on glas
Service temp.: -20 °C to +80 °C
Winding: outside winding
Properties: excellent print quality and image resolution; complies with toy regulation DIN EN 71-3; the print result can be negatively influenced by moisture, UV- or neon light; a premature darkening can occur in environments exceeding +50 °C

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