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Termotarra 105 x 148 mm helposti irtoava

Termotarra 105 x 148 mm helposti irtoava

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Termotarra 105 × 148 mm
109 mm rullan leveys
Ulospäin kelaus
1,000 tarraa
Rullan sisähalkaisija 76 mm
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Material: direct thermal paper labels
Color: white with super-sensitive thermal coating
Thickness film: 71µm ± 5 µm (ISO534)
Service temp.: -10 °C to +80 °C
Properties: excellent print quality and image resolution; complies with toy regulation DIN EN 71-3; the print result can be negatively influenced by moisture, UV- or neon light; a premature darkening can occur in environments exceeding +122 °F (+50 °C)